MFA Highlights: Arts of Ancient Egypt

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Some of the first mummies, monumental sculptures and other ancient Egyptian artifacts to come to America became part of the holdings of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, as early as 1872. Today, with over 60,000 objects, the MFA's Egyptian collection is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the world. This volume features over 100 of the most important of these objects, with texts by three prominent Egyptologists. Introductions to each major period of ancient Egyptian history provide an overview of the worshipped rulers, regional lords and myriad laborers who commissioned and created these beautiful works, as well as the political events, religious rituals, and technical accomplishments that helped shape them. Individual descriptions of each object tell of their original use and significance. Some, such as the rare bust of Ankhhaf, or the monumental stone sculpture of King Menkaure and his queen, have no equal anywhere. Others boast a unique local history, such as the Torso of King Achoris that was purchased as ballast by a Yankee sea captain and later displayed for sixty years on a postmaster's front lawn. Whatever one's interest, this book provides a tantalizing glimpse into the civilization that has fascinated the west since Antony first wooed Cleopatra.

• Paperback
• 7 x 9 in. / 256 pgs / 100 color.

Authors: Lawrence Berman, Denise Doxey, Rita E. Freed