MFA Highlights: Arts of Japan

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Edited by Anne Nishimura Morse

The MFA's holdings of Japanese art make up the finest and most comprehensive collection outside of Japan. This stunning overview features many of the collection's best-known and most beloved works, including such rare paintings as the eighth-century Buddhist panel "Shaka, the Historical Buddha, Preaching on Vulture Peak" and the thirteenth-century narrative hand-scroll "Night Attack on the Sanjo Palace" (the most exciting section of the celebrated Heiji monogatari scrolls), along with fine examples from the Museum's unsurpassed grouping of woodblock prints, magnificent sculptures such as a gilt-wooden statue of the bodhisattva Miroku by the twelfth-century master Kaikei, plus a representative selection of postcards, textiles, ceramics, lacquer wares, sword-fittings and other decorative arts. In all, more than 160 highlights from the museum's staggering collection are illustrated and discussed, divided into four themes--Art of the Temple, The Town, The Ruling Classes and Japanese Art in the World. Ranging from the seventh century to the present day, this engaging volume introduces readers to the complex variety and renowned brilliance of Japanese arts.

• Softcover, 248 pages. 205 color & 3 black and white illustrations.
• 7" x 9"