MFA Highlights: Textile and Fashion Arts

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Humans have been producing textiles since the days of hunting and gathering. Over time, those primitive woven baskets, animal-skin garments and woolen coverings have given way to the increasingly sophisticated and varied clothing, furnishings, accessories and decorations that surround us today. This comprehensive introduction presents 100 of the finest textiles and fashion arts produced by weavers, embroiderers and designers around the globe.
Twenty-nine short essays introduce some of the major techniques and genres of the last 25 centuries, weaving links between the objects and the context of their creation. Topics range from the expansion of medieval silk production throughout the Islamic empire to the transformation of Andean weaving under Spanish domination, and from the political and Confucian symbolism of Chinese dragon robes to the reemergence of French couture after World War II.
Richly decorated, finely crafted, and extraordinarily varied, the textiles featured in this concise, handsome volume demonstrate the artistry and innovation that elevate these functional objects to works of art.

• Softcover, 224 pages
• 130 color illustrations
• 7" x 9"