The Adventures of Riley, the Museum Dog

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There is a mystery afoot at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. A hole appears here, a tiny bite there. Someone has been eating the art!

Join Riley the Museum Dog, who is specially trained to sniff out pests,  as he attempts to catch the mischievous culprit. Children will enjoy the  antics, as the hunt leads them past and introduces them to some of the  world's great art. Featuring works by John Singleton Copley, Frida  Kahlo, Claude Monet, Kehinde Wiley, and more.

Co-produced by The Boston Globe and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, The  Adventures of Riley the Museum Dog is authored by Devra First, with  hand-drawn illustrations by Ryan Huddle.


Author: Ryan Huddle
Illustrated by: Devra First
Publisher: Muddy Boots Press, 2019
ISBN: 9781630763602
Dimensions: 10 x 10 1/4