The Best Art Puzzles For Adults

The Best Art Puzzles For Adults

Sep 13th 2022

Puzzles aren’t just for kids. In fact, puzzles have become interactive art, which is why they fit in so well with our curated collection of gifts at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston gift shop. We’ve compiled a variety of unique and beautiful art puzzles that will challenge you at any age.

Why Buy Art Puzzles for Adults

Putting together a puzzle is more than just a pastime. There are many benefits to doing puzzles, whether it’s by yourself, with a friend, or with young members of the family. Here are some reasons you should work on a puzzle in your spare time:

Improved Memory

Solving puzzles actually reinforces the existing connections between our brain cells and even increases the generation of new ones. You'll notice improved mental speed when it comes to problem solving and thought processes. Short-term memory is especially improved from doing puzzles.

Better Problem Solving Skills

Critical thinking and creative problem solving can be improved by doing puzzles. That’s because puzzles require us to try a variety of approaches, going through trial and error. You may even notice a change of perspective when it comes to solving tougher puzzles, making us more adaptable and innovative.

Delay dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

It’s been shown that puzzles may even increase our IQs! But that added brain activity is also beneficial later on, delaying the symptoms of serious brain diseases. Studies have shown that keeping our minds busy with problem-solving activities can reduce brain cell damage in Alzheimer's patients.

Boost Your Mood

You can significantly reduce your stress levels by doing puzzles. That’s because they increase our brains’ dopamine production. Dopamine regulates our mood and it’s released every time we successfully solve a puzzle — even just finishing a certain part or fitting a tough piece!

Art puzzles for adults also have the added benefit of creating a stunning image when you’re done that can then be displayed in your home. Here are some of the most unique and beautiful art puzzles for adults we have available:

Hokusai, Great Wave Off Kanagawa

This 1,000-piece puzzle features one of the most recognized works of art from Japan. Painted by Katssushika Hokusai, it depicts three boats struggling in a violent wave near the Japanese prefecture of Kanagawa. Most of Hokusai’s most impactful work was created after he turned 60, including a well-known series of 46 prints featuring Mount Fuji. MFA Boston will have a Hokusai exhibit opening next spring if you want to learn more about the iconic artist.

This dynamic puzzle is made from recycled board and printed with vegetable-based ink. It’s strong and high-quality, making it harder for the pieces to bend. This puzzle will most definitely be a challenge to complete thanks to the simple yet bold colors of the painting, making this a perfect project to take on if you want to open up new ways of problem solving.

Pyramid & Hieroglyph

This isn’t your traditional flat, cardboard puzzle. These 3D Pyramid and Hieroglyph puzzles still have pieces that must be put together, but they instead create a beautiful 3D structure. Figuring out how to piece everything back together again is great for spatial reasoning and problem solving since it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried to solve before.

After, these beautiful pieces can be used as home decor. These two puzzles make great statement pieces in an office or study, inspired by real artifacts from the Egyptian time period. Hieroglyphs have intrigued us since their discovery, a look into early language and storytelling. There were 900 distinct signs back then, allowing the advanced society to form sentences and create stories on paper or pottery.

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Chinese Pagoda

This is another unique art puzzle for adults that’s unlike many you see in retail stores. Instead of placing pieces together on a flat surface, players must turn the layers and tilt the Pagoda to move the colored balls until each column of balls is the same color. This is an advanced logic game that will challenge any age group, improving your memory and inspiring new approaches.

This historically inspired puzzle is constructed from solid wood and channels ancient China in its looks and challenge. A pagoda is a tiered tower with multiple eaves, unique to certain countries like China, Japan, and Vietnam. Most were built for religious purposes and still inspire with their architectural beauty.

Rex Ray: Mylopronesta

This art puzzle is one of the most stunning you’ll ever come across. The dynamic piece by Rex Ray has an abundance of vibrant colors and a whimsical design swirled over a bold background. It has a retro feel that’s almost iconic, probably because Rex Ray’s artwork is often in restaurants and hotels as well as on CD covers. And now it can be put on your wall as well!

This abstract puzzle has 1,000 pieces, giving you a challenge you’ll enjoy. The puzzle itself is high quality with bright colors and crisp details. It doesn’t have a glare, either — perfect for hanging.

As you can see, we carry a wide variety of different art puzzles here in our online museum gift shop, so if you’re in the mood for something that will challenge you and provide some fun as well, be sure to take a look!