The Art of Mindfulness: Finding Peace and Focus through MFA Exclusive Art Puzzles

The Art of Mindfulness: Finding Peace and Focus through MFA Exclusive Art Puzzles

Sep 20th 2023

Sometimes the things that life demands of us can really weigh a heavy burden. The deadlines, the worries, the never-ending rush—it all adds up. Stress becomes your constant companion.

But what if we told you that there's a simple, serene way to leave that stress behind? Working on art puzzles might be the perfect escape. They can help spark the imagination and forget your troubles, one piece at a time.

This guide highlights the benefits of working on puzzles and why our beautiful collection of MFA exclusive art puzzles are perfect for the job!

The Power of Mindfulness

Whether or not you’ve been flooded enough with messages on mindfulness, we encourage you to take a seat and read through.

What's all this fuss about mindfulness, anyway? Well, more than just being a practice about being in the present moment, practicing mindfulness has actually helped many people zap stress and quiet that never-ending inner chatter.

It's like hitting a mental reset button, a way to keep yourself rooted in the here and now. But, the real puzzle is how you can make it work in your daily whirlwind.

Art Puzzles: A Gateway to Mindfulness  

Enter art puzzles — simple yet effective tools that can help when it comes to being more mindful. These puzzles give you a taste of both savoring art and giving your mind a little workout. Imagine yourself picking up one piece, examining its lines, colors, and how it neatly fits into the grand picture. It's a piece of a larger picture, much like a moment in life's grand mosaic.

One such puzzle, the Hokusai Watanabe No Genga Tsuna 300 piece puzzle, whisks you away to the Edo period, about 1833–35, a time of profound artistic expression in Japan.

                                               Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Katsushika Hokusai is the artist we're talking about here, the Japanese genius who created this artwork. If you’ve seen or witnessed a couple of his other pieces and woodblock prints, you’d know and recognize that this man had an exceptional talent for capturing the very essence of his time. In his works lie the glimpses of daily Japanese life, nature, and history, all with that unmistakable Japanese art style.

Consider the puzzle as a trip through history. When you work on it, you're not just assembling pieces; you're being both an observer and a creator, much like an artist honing their masterpiece.

The Dance of Mindfulness

Completing an art puzzle is akin to choreographing a dance. Each piece has its role, and each move requires thoughtful consideration. Your focus narrows to the patterns, colors, and connections between pieces. The world beyond the puzzle board fades away, leaving you in a serene bubble of concentration. This state of flow is where mindfulness resides.

Consider the La Farge Fish and Flowering Branch 300 piece puzzlev, featuring John La Farge's exquisite stained glass work.

                                         Museum of Fine Arts Boston

John La Farge, an American artist, was quite the visionary in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His expertise? Stained glass windows. But not your run-of-the-mill glasswork—his claim to fame was his innovative use of opalescent glass.

In particular, it was the way that he’d blend colors and textures that gained him renown, the techniques he used to create art that was not just visually stunning, but also spiritually resonant. As a whole, his work broke ground.

Stimulating the Senses

Mindfulness isn't solely a mental exercise; it's about your senses too. Art puzzles offer a multisensory experience—the feel of puzzle pieces, the visual feast of colors and shapes, and the subtle click as pieces lock together. These sensory inputs tether you to the present, away from the digital cacophony.

Blanche Lazzell, a celebrated American artist who left an indelible mark on modern art, is best remembered for her vivid and textured creations. Her mastery of color woodcut, a medium that let her translate her artistic imagination into detailed and expressive designs, is particularly noteworthy.

                                     Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Our Early Dawn puzzle invites you into Lazzell's world, offering a unique opportunity to engage with her craftsmanship.

Lazzell's artistry, deeply rooted in the tradition of woodcut, is marked by a keen attention to detail and a remarkable ability to convey emotions through her work. Her creations often exude a sense of serenity and introspection, making them ideal companions for mindfulness.

Art Puzzles: Lessons in Life

Art puzzles impart a crucial lesson: life's beauty lies in the details. Just as each puzzle piece matters, so do the small moments in life. In our pursuit of grand ambitions, we often overlook the simple joys of everyday existence. Art puzzles encourage us to savor each piece, each brushstroke, and each shade.

                                Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Consider our Nielsen Hansel and Gretel 300 Piece Puzzle, featuring Kay Nielsen's enchanting illustration. In this puzzle, even the tiniest details are essential. Every brushstroke and ink line tells a story. This focus on detail is a precious lesson—one that extends beyond the puzzle board into life's intricacies.

Kay Nielsen, a Danish illustrator renowned for his contributions to fairy tale art, brought enchanting stories to life with his intricate and imaginative illustrations. His work is characterized by a delicate blend of realism and fantasy, making it a perfect fit for timeless tales like "Hansel and Gretel" from the Brothers Grimm.

Mindfulness and Art Appreciation: Deepening the Connection

Ever walk into a museum and feel like you're traveling through time and space? That's the magic of art. It's the language that breaks barriers, tells stories, and connects us, the thread that binds us to humanity's collective soul.

Art isn't confined by the constraints of time and place.

One notable plus to solving these exclusive MFA puzzles is how they strengthen your appreciation for art and culture.

Art puzzles often feature lesser-known works of art or details that might go unnoticed for a casual art appreciator. Solving these puzzles is like embarking on a treasure hunt for artistic gems. You unearth the nuances, stories, and emotions woven into each piece.

Find Your Portal to Peace in Art Puzzles

In a world that never seems to quiet down, finding a slice of serenity can feel like winning the lottery. And guess what? These puzzles are your golden ticket. They let you step into the soothing embrace of art, where the chaos of the world takes a backseat.

Here at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, we offer unique and captivating art puzzles besides those mentioned in this piece. And with each piece that you connect with you can’t help but find yourself diving deeper and deeper into the wonderful world of art.

And whether you're a puzzle lover or simply testing the waters, look at these puzzles as more than just a pastime. They can be the perfect means of escape, a path to mindfulness right at your fingertips.