Ducks on Parade

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Inspired by Robert McCloskey‘s beloved children’s book of the same name, the iconic bronze Make Way for Ducklings sculpture in Boston’s Public Garden has come to serve as something of a record of the recent decades of life in the city itself. In a series of delightful photographs taken by members of the public, Ducks on Parade! chronicles many of the original, moving, humorous, and startling outfits that artistic Bostonians have dressed the ducks in. From summer hats to winter scarves, from the Women’s March to Black Lives Matter, the ducks reflect the life of the city and our country. Featuring a text by sculptor Nancy Schön, this book is a tribute to all Bostonians whose creativity and generosity have made this constant collaborative art possible. More than this, it is a revealing look at the lasting power of public art and how viewers can also be participants. Ducks on Parade! is perfect for whimsical readers of any age.