Satellite View 4.5" Mova Globe

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The absolutely silent and mesmerizing rotation of Mova Featuring a calming depiction of Earth as seen from the outer reaches of our planet with deep serene colors and mesmerizing clouds. The world’s most advanced world globe, Mova rotates silently inside a clear acrylic sphere. Powered by solar energy and the earth’s magnetism, Mova Globe requires no cords, no batteries … only the gentle light provided by the fluorescent or incandescent bulbs in your room or office, or the natural light flowing through your windows. Mova Globe faithfully recreates the earth’s rotation in space, on your desktop, or in the palm of your hand.
Globe is made possible by advances in solar power and drive technologies. Mova Globe is levitated inside the acrylic sphere in a clear, optical-quality fluid. This allows for almost frictionless and continuous rotation. Inside each MOVA globe is a patented, ultra low friction drive mechanism, and a set of solar collectors. The globe allows enough light energy to pass through to power the drive mechanism. MOVA globe operates on a mere 1 to 5 millionth of a watt of electricity! The fluid not only allows the globe to turn with little outside friction, but serves to optically project the turning globe image onto the clear outer shell. It’s a fascinating optical illusion, which contributes to the Mova Globe mystique.

• 4.5" diameter
• A 3-fingered acrylic base is included with every Mova Globe. Or, you can place Mova on the base of your choice!