Exercising Smiski

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The perfect workout buddy! Six tiny glow-in-the-dark bodybuilders ready to get to work. Will you get Smiski Dumbell, Smiski Doing Crunches, Smiski Aerobics, Little Smiski Balance, Smiski Hoop, Smiski Stretch, or the secret buff Smiski?

Collect them all to enjoy the different personalities, characters, and poses of the loveable Smiski. This bald, genderless figure has taken the world by storm. Smiski opens up a whole new world of trading and collecting- similar to the art world itself!

  • Smiski posed working out
  • 6 figures to collect plus a secret pose!
  • Random figurine with purchase
  • Material: plastic
  • Each figure measures approximately 2" x 2" x 3"