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PicassoTiles: 26-pc Magnetic Tiles

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PicassoTiles is a fun STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) toy and a shape building set utilizing unique features that  immerses children (and creative adults) into crafting 2D and 3D art  that is sure to put a smile on those who appreciate creative and active  learning


The 26pcs artistry set is a  great addition and it is universally compatible with all other shapes of  PicassoTiles and Train Truck Cars, the designer kit allows the children  to build even more customized constructions, buildings, and structure  than they could imagine.

In The box
- 2pcs x Small Square (3" x 3")
- 3pcs x Lsosceles Triangle (3" x 5.5")
- 4pcs x Right Triangle (3" x 4")
- 4pcs x Equilateral Triangle (3" x 3")
- 3pcs x Letter N Shape (3" x 3")
- 3pcs x Letter I Shape (3" x 3")
- 3pcs x Letter X Shape (3" x 3")
- 3pcs x Diamond Shape (3" x 3")
- 1pcx Car