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Picasso Mug

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• 3D ARTIST'S HEAD MUG - Perch your favorite artist's face next to you at the kitchen table, by your easel, or anywhere you want to be inspired by an art legend.
• SCULPTURAL DETAILS - Each mug is designed and made in Spain and is complete with dimensional noses and ears (or ear in Van Gogh's case). Completed with illustrative touches that are faithful to each artist's unique style.
• PABLO PICASSO MUG - Picasso mug is finished with a single eye reminiscent of his cubist period and the famous blue stripes of his favorite shirt, immortalized in his WWII era self portrait.
• COLLECT THEM ALL - these amazing coffee or tea mugs are must haves for any art fan, student, or artist. Available in Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, and Vincent Van Gogh, each sold separately.

• Porcelain mugs are designed and made in Spain
• Holds 12 ounces