MFA Monet Wall Calendar 2023

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In this 12-month calendar, MFA Boston presents a beautiful and captivating selection of works from their collection of French painter Claude Monet’s artistic masterpieces, a series of landscapes and natural imagery rendered in the distinct and singular style which gave rise to the entire Impressionistic school of painting and paved the way for what would become the Modernist era of art in literature in the 20th century.

The Monet 2023 Wall Calendar features 12 pages of the French Impressionist’s finest masterpieces, which run the gamut of the natural imagery with which he remained fascinated throughout his life. These works are at once beautiful and mysterious, scintillating and murky. This calendar can only make a beautiful addition to any room of any home.

• Features full color, ultrahigh resolution images

• Includes progression of moon phases

• Includes major official world holidays

• Spans a full 12 months with a bonus spread for September-December 2022

• Generous grid for adding appointments and reminders

• Open 12 in. x 24 in.