Hokusai The Great Wave Candle

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Inspired by The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Hokusai Katsushika. You are about to sail the Wave of Impressions. Feel the breeze of fresh mandarin and sun-ripened lemon combined with sunny sea amber. Float on a delicate lotus, refreshing water lily, and feel the cool sea spray against your skin. Relish in the earthy moss and deep amber base, slowly plunging into fragrant depths of mellow musk.


Top notes: Mandarin, Lemon, Amber.
Middle notes: Lotus, Water lily, Sea Spray.
Base notes: Musk, Moss, Amber.

Made exclusively of natural waxes, ICONESSE candles are biodegradable, do not cause headaches or allergies, and are safe to use around children, pregnant women, and pets.
Dimensions: 118 mm x 118 mm
Weight: 1200 g
Burning time: approx. 48 hours